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About IIIT India

This company was incepted with the mission of embracing technology and growing and enriching our clients with new technologies and enhancing their experience. With the expertise in the mechanical, electrical and civil side of business we developed to become experts in the booming industry of information technology. This is where IIIT India came into existence with belief that success involves a lot more than just being competent in a specific technology or tool. Success comes from delivering quality centric, cost effective, scalable software and hardware services to the clients. Here we believe in hands on training and development and deployment of ERP for business of all scales. We make our client's life simpler by bridging the gap of vision and reality by bringing in right fit of technology and consultation to enable and take clients business to the next level of performance. We do not work as vendors but we are strategic partners to our client's success.

IIIT is known for completing the contracts undertaken even at the IT & OT level. We are also now getting into implementing Scada DMS and other related systems in the first line of Automation of the technologies. IIIT is also now growing into the software development for the various IT tycoons and also spreading our wings in the domains of Smart Grid Pilot Projects comprising of various modules - Distribution Automation, Supply Side and Demand Side management, renewable energy integration and In home automation. We are raising the bar of service quality from purely electrical or Construction Company to integrated tech savvy niche company to compliment all major Utilities.

We address complex IT issues and help organizations optimize their IT spends for enterprise wide systems leveraging cutting edge methodologies. Quality is in our DNA and we apply it at every stage to eliminate redundancy, defects, and reduce variation to increase efficiency of implementations and hence adding to the bottom lines of the clients.

We specialize in Enterprise Application Solutions / Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Technology Integration, Quality Assurance, Product Engineering, Document Management, Knowledge management, Application Maintenance and Support to name a few. We are partners to various IT tycoons.

IIIT ensures that the experience and the skills present in house are used across all the domains of businesses to complete projects taken up with superior quality, better benchmarking and within the economics of scale. The best practices are shared and used across the various domains.