Shrushti means creation; with this meaning we commensurated our journey of creating new universe in the various domains of our core business and expertise. Thus Shrushti in all its sentiment is rightly the parent company of its other group companies. This is envisioned with purpose of growth and progress.


Our Driving Philosophy
We are true to our name in creating the new horizons in our business domains. Objective is to touch lives of people with growth and prosperity. We believe in serving nation with our undisputed quality performances and delivery commitment. We create infrastructure to accelerate the economic growth of the nation and thereby contribute in enriching lives of common man. Business alone won't make us what we are unless business is driven by culture combined of values and morals. We aspire to be leaders who will strengthen the industry and bring value to the nation.For us it is always promises delivered on time, “every time”


Shrushti Group was creation of young, visionary, dynamic and unconventional engineers, economists & entrepreneurs who had burning desire to use innovative methods of construction, bringing out the unique and efficient methods of completing Electrical, Mechanical and Civil works by delivering quality par excellence on or before stipulated time. This was only possible when we started on our own and there by the seeds of inception were sown in 2002 and thus Shrushti Group was born. This Company is steadily on its growth path from then.

Shrushti Group is now a growing tree branching out successfully. Shrushti Group has so far grown into Shrushti Contech Pvt Ltd, Sun Infratech, Sun Shrushti Pvt Ltd, IIIT India Pvt Ltd. and Shrushti Royal Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.


Footsteps of our Journey
This company was started by undertaking projects for erection and commissioning of 33/11KV sub-stations, connecting lines, distribution transformers and distribution lines on turnkey basis in all the DISCOM's of Andhra Pradesh. The company soon expanded its base to Karnataka to execute EHV transmission lines up to 66KV class and also to construct up to 220KV sub-stations. The company is now executing erection of several power distribution projects in different regions of Karnataka, TamilNadu and Andhra Pradesh starting from 6.6 KV to 220 KV.

Earthwork excavations were carried out at ports, national highways and at various locations using latest equipment to carry out drilling, controlled blasting, excavations and formation of earth bund. UGD and STP: Installed and commissioned effluent and sewerage water treatment plants and laid underground drainage pipelines.

After establishing its credibility in terms of completing a project in least possible time and with superior quality, the company has started focusing on irrigation, Road and Bridges, Civil and Railway Infrastructure projects. That's how we started branching out and spreading our wings. Shrushti Group has track of consistently delivering superior quality within stringent time lines and in unique cost effective manner


Unity in Diversity
“Shrushti Group” is the leading umbrella of companies which has been successful in creating diversity with unity and expanding its business focus areas in domains of Manufacturing, Construction, Renewable Energy, Electrical Works, Railways, Water Works, Power Transmission, Distribution and Irrigation to name a few. This has started us growing and branching out and group companies under Shrushti umbrella are: